We use several pieces of industry terminology on this site that the average consumer may not be familiar with. Below are some common terms used in the UK textile industry:
Loomstate: The state of the cloth as it is woven, before it has had any finishing processes applied to it.
Scoured/Scouring: A finishing process that takes loomstate cloth and removes much of the harshness of the hand (feel), leaving a much softer product. Scoured cloth lends itself well to printing.
Bleaching: Creates a brilliant white appearance, whilst also softening the hand of the cloth. The bleaching process can be controlled to limit the intensity of the white shade. However, cloth shade will often differ from batch to batch during the bleaching process. Bleached cloth also lends itself well to printing. 
Seconds: Term used to decribe faulty cloth. These faults range from weaving faults running throughout the piece, to slight dying spots only covering a few metres.
gsm - Grams per spuare metre of fabric.
glm - Grams per lineal metre of fabric.
If you are still unsure about certain terminology, please feel free to contact us.